Breathe (The Colorado Mountain Series )

Author: Kristen Ashley

Genre: Contemporary romance

Rating: 2.5/5

So, I have completed the 4th book in Kristen Ashley’s Colorado Mountain series. I have to say, unfortunately, I didn’t care much for this one. I found the plot to be weak, and there was a lot of repetition. I got a feeling that the author was writing a story simply for the sake of continuing the series. Character development was not really thought out, and the story itself was a weak one, in my opinion. Because I am a HUGE Kristen Ashley fan and feel everything she touches is gold, I couldn’t help but feel a bit hopeful in thinking the book would get better. However, this never occurred. This was a wakeup call for me. It showed me that while there are great authors out there who write amazing stories, for the most part, even they slip up at times and write duds. Although I didn’t care much for this story, it does not change how I feel about this author and her work. I have loved most of the books I’ve read by her and will conrinue to read any and everything she writes. Out of 4 books, to have 1 not be as great as the previous ones is not a deal breaker. This is definitely a series worth reading, but just a heads up, the 4th story is a bit slow and weak (in comparison to the first 3 stories. So, I will continue this series and move on to the 5th installment, Jagged. Fingers crossed that this one picks up and gets back to the quality of the first 3 books.


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