Jagged (The Colorado Mountain Series)

Author: Kristen Ashley

Genre: Contemporary romance

Rating : 3.7/5

I just finished the 5th book in Kristen Ashley’s Colorado Mountain series, entitled Jagged. While this wasn’t one of my faves in the series, it was better than book 4. The charrcters and story development seemed more original and thought out, overall. The sex scenes were HOT, and I found myself looking forward to reading each one. And Kristen Ashley did not disappoint;  each sex scene was hotter than the one before! Despite this, I’m thinking although this series started strong, it may be ending weakly. I am really hoping I am wrong in my thinking. There are 2 books left in the series. I am considering taking a break from this series and reading something altogether different before completing the last 2 books. So, it is possible my next review may be for a standalone novel that is not affiliated with this series. Or I may start a new series altogether.  We shall see…


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