Mile High (Up In The Air Series)

Author: R.K. Lilley

Genre: New Adult, erotic romance, romantic suspense

Rating : 4/5

Mile High (Up In The Air: Book Two)
This book picks up right where Book 1 left off. Over a month has passed since the brutal attack which placed Bianca in the hospital. Although she has asked for space and pushed James away (due to a painful misunderstanding), every waking (and sleeping) moment has been filled with thoughts of him and the darkly erotic world he has introduced her to…

Although I feel Book 1 was better than this one, Book 2 is also a really good read. Misspellings and grammar mistakes are still present, but do not appear as frequently as in Book 1. Without giving too much away, I will say there are even more (and even hotter) sex scenes in this book. I honestly didn’t think it could get any hotter! The kink-o-meter is off the charts in this series!!! Bianca is discovering things about herself, she is coming to an understanding about her deepest and darkest desires and how her strong attraction to James ties in to all this. There are also some new twists and turns in this story and quite a bit of mystery and suspense, as well as a brief introduction to a pivotal character who is mentioned near the end of the story and, I assume, will play more of a prominent role in the third and final installment of this series.

I have a confession to make- Bianca’s poor, helpless damsel in distress act is getting a bit stale. There is a HUGE amount of fawning over her from several men. It’s just not realistic and I couldn’t help but be reminded of Isabella Swan from the Twilight Series and Anastasia Steele from the FSOG series (loved both series but hated that character “flaw”).

Aside from that, overall, this is a story that continually astounds and amazes me! Just when I think things have gone as far as they could possibly go, new boundaries are explored and broken.

I just started the last book in this series (Grounded). Stay tuned…


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