Forgetting August (The Lost & Found Series)

Author: J.L. Berg

Genre: New Adult

Rating: 4/5

August Isn’t so easy to forget!

Everly and August were madly in love with each other…until things changed and August became obsessive, paranoid, possesive, and abusive. Despite the downward spiral of their relationship, Everly refused to give up hope, but August’s behavior only worsened. The night August planned on explaining everything to Everly, he was involved in a fatal accident..

He has now awakened from a two and a half year coma, and has amnesia; he remembers nothing and no one, nothing of the man he was or the life he led before. While going through his belongings, he comes across a photo of a beautiful red-haired woman and a green jewel, two clues about his identity and the cause of his accident. Although he has no idea who the woman in the photo is, he immediately feels a strong connection to her and feels the need to find her. Thus, begins a new story, eventually leading to August’s true identity and the mystery surrounding his current situation.

This story was beautifully written. It is a love story told from the perspectives of both August and Everly. The story dances along a thin line of being a dark romance but mostly falls under the genre of new adult romance. The author made me feel as if I was right there with Everly, feeling every ounce of distrust, confusion and longing as well as the angst she experiences when finally realizing she has to make a choice-stay with the man who was there for her and saved her when she was at her lowest, or give the man who hurt her so badly another chance? I was also able to connect with August’s character and the frustration he felt in wanting to find out who he was before his new life and why he feels such a strong connection to Everly despite not remembering her.

And through it all, there’s still the huge mystery surrounding August’s accident. What had occurred that landed him in the hospital and in a coma for over 2 years in the fist place? What will be discovered if August’s memory ever returns?

This is definitely a book worth reading. There is a lot of back and forth, but the author navigates through the past and interweaves it with the present smoothly. The emotions and frustrations each character experiences jumps out at you from the pages. There were a few things I I felt a bit judgemental about, but I soon found myself in the character’s shoes and sympathizing with their plights/dilemmas.

I definitely recommend this story be put on your TBR list if you haven’t read it, and I give it a 4. 5/5 stars. I will be reading the sequel, ‘Finding Everly’, as soon as it arrives in the mail. Stay tuned for the review…*

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Remembering Everly (The Lost & Found Series)

Author : J.L. Berg

Genre: New adult, contemporary romance

Rating: 3/5

This book picks up where the last one left off. Everly has gone back to Ryan (who has literally been expecting and waiting for her to return any day), and their engagement is back on, AND the wedding date is fast approaching (despite both of them realizing they just don’t have that spark in their relationship).

August has regained his memory and remembers everything! He now understands why Everly wants to move on with her life and forget all about him. He is determined to allow her to do just that, but just can’t let the love of his life go.

The past comes hurling at both August and Everly and re-opens old wounds that run deep. Despite this, August knows he and Everly should be together and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her back.

The first book in this duet was a really good read! This second installment, however, was not as good. I found myself having a difficult time getting through it, and even read a few other books while reading this one. There was quite a bit of repetition, and Everly and Ryan’s relationship and wedding planning was a bit boring to read. It also got a bit old reading how un-right they were for each other yet remained determined to stay together and get married.

Even though August claimed to love Everly so much, it seemed as if she was actually the one running to him, looking for excuses to call or drop by. Of course, I understand that he was trying to set her free and she was just so in love with him, but it still got old reading the back and forth between her and Ryan and August. This book just wasn’t my cup of tea. I read it because I wanted to see how the story of Everly and August would end, but this is one I could have done without. It’s a shame, because the first book was so good.

If you’re interested in reading August and Everly’s story, it can be found on all platforms in ebook or paperback.

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Everything I Left UnsaidΒ 

Author: M. O’Keefe

Genre: New Adult

Rating: 4.8/5

I found this book during one of my weekly visits to a local used book store. After reading the back cover, I honestly had no idea what to expect. So glad I picked this up!! Didn’t take me long to realize I had stumbled upon a good book! I didn’t have a blog when I read this last year, but this is definitely one I want everyone to know about, so I simply had to post a review. Better late than never.

Annie is a woman on the run. And not looking back. With only the small amount of money she stole when she hit the road, she settles down in the only place she can afford, a broken down trailer park on the edge of nowhere. Despite wanting to lay low and stay to herself, she soon makes unlikely connections with a few of the tenants. Like her, they also have something to hide. Although these are people she sees daily, her deepest connection is formed with a stranger she has never met.

The day Annie moves into her trailer, she is interrupted by the ringing of a cellphone lost between the cushions of a beaten up couch. She ignores it the first time, but cautiously answers the second time it rings when she sees the name ‘Dylan’ on the screen. Thus begins an intense relationship neither she nor Dylan saw coming.

Dylan refuses to meet Annie and only wants to communicate via calls and texts. Annie doesn’t understand why he is so reticent to meet after all their long talks and eventual hot, steamy phone sex sessions, but she gradually comes to the conclusion that Dylan must be hiding something big!

This book was great! You know you’re reading a great story when the couple doesn’t even meet OR have sex until near the end of the book, and it doesn’t bother you in the least, because the author has done such a terrific job in leading up to that moment (and believe me, the sex scene is worth the wait, and they only get better from there. HOT HOT HOT)! The story is pretty much in the vein of Beauty and the Beast (Dylan actually lives in a huge mansion at the top of a high mountain which overlooks the town). But I must say this story is so much more than that! This is a beautifully written story of two broken people, each hiding from something, yet unknowingly searching for something. This is a story about the walls we build in an effort to protect ourselves and how our lives can change for the better if we would only drop the walls and let love in.

This is a must read! And just a warning, this story ends on a HUGE cliffhanger. So, you definitely want to have the sequel (The Truth About Him) nearby.

Both books can be found on all platforms in ebook or paperback.

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The Obsessed Series

Author : Deborah Bladon

Genre: Erotic romance, New adult

Rating: 4.5/5

Ivy Marlowe is Ms. Independent. She has what she considers to be a great fiancΓ©.  She owns her own jewelry business. She seems to have it all. Until she discovers her fiancΓ© has committed the ultimate betrayal. With several different women. Now, all she is left with are a broken engagennt, a flailing business, and a feeling of utter  betrayal. One night she attends a fancy art show and is approached by a tall, handsome stranger naned Jax Walker. Altgough their exchange is a brief one, neither can deny their mutual attraction for each other.

Jax is rich, powerful, outspoken, and good looking to boot! Upom seeing Ivy for the first time, he is nstantly smitten with her and has to have her. Although Ivy and Jax begin a heated affair, Ivy soon realizes that Jax is full of secrets. What she thought was fate throwing them together was nothing more than a fantasy. In falling for Jax, Ivy realizes how badly she wants him to be the man of her dreams. She wants desoerately to be done with the secrets, betrayals and lies she experienced in her previous relationship, but soon realizes Jax is hiding something. Something huge.

This was a GREAT read!!! I simply could not put this series down. And I didn’t want to! The chemistry between the two main characters was REAL. The story and experiences were REAL. There were no slow spots for me in this one. There were sooo many secrets that my head was spinning! Each character in this story was hiding something, and not something little. Something big!

This story flowed beautifully. Everything connected perfectly to create a beautiful love story. Although the author uses her usual formula (strangers meet and instantly fall in love, male character is hiding a huge secret, woman eventually forgives man), the actual story was so different, fresh and new. I truly related to Ivy’s character and experiences. I could see myself in her sutuation. She had gone through so much and unintentionally stumbled upon someone she felt could be her dream man, only to discover that like her ex fiancΓ©,  he too was secretive and made her feel manipulated and bettayed.

Of course, love always wins…

This series is a must-read! It can be found on Kindle and Nook in ebook or paperback.

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The Exposed SagaΒ 

Author : Deborah Bladon

Genre: Erotic romance, New adult

Rating: 4/5

In the Exposed series, we are introduced to  Sadie Lockwood and Hunter Reynolds. Sadie has been given a second chance at life and takes her life very seriously and feels it is a true gift, not to be wasted. She feels a need to honor the life of the person who gave her a second chance at life. Therefore, she has her life all planned out, and there is no room for straying off course.

Along comes Hunter Reynolds. He is exactly what Sadie wants yet feels she needs to avoid. He is bold, charasmatic, intense, and dominant. Although Sadie is strongly attracted to Hunter, she is determined to avoid his advances but soon finds herself persuaded otherwise. She has no idea what she is getting into when she gives in to Hunter. Once he has one taste of her and claims her as his own, there is no way he will ever let her go.

But there are secrets. Big secrets, both Sadie and Hunter are hiding. Will their love survive once all secrets are exposed?

This story is addicting! I was literally rushing to my car during my lunch breaks to read as many chapters as I could in 45 minutes. The chemistry between the two main characters, as well as the big secret Hunter was hiding regarding his true identity, was so believable and well drawn out. And of course, the sex scenes were great! A bit repetitive at times, but HOT nonetheless!

The writer paces the story just right, and holds the reader’s attention throughout each part of the story. There were a few slow parts, but they were not too boring in any way. There was actually one problem I encountered with the writing, Hunter’s secret involving his “son’s ” biological father was not, in my opinion, worth hiding so desperately. It simply wasn’t that big of a deal. Other than that, however, the story flowed well and delivered in the end.

After having read 3 series by Bladon, I see a definite running theme in all of her stories. 1. Each story starts out with both main characters meeting as strangers and engaging, or attempting to engage, in hot, steamy sex right away 2. The characters immediately fall in love 3. Each character is hiding something (the male lead is usually hiding a bigger secret than the female), which usually involves having known/known of the female character prior to actually “meeting” her 5. The female discovers this “huge” secret and struggles with whether, or not, she should forgive him and does actually end up forgiving all. So far, each of the 3 series I’ve read has read in this order, just with different characters. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, as I am now reading the fourth series, the Pulse series, I see that it is starting off in the same manner. Although each story follows the same formula and I know what to look for before it happens, each series has a different set of problems and secrets. So, I still find myself looking forward to reading each story and discovering those new secrets!

This is definitely a series worth reading and can be found on Kindle and Nook in ebook or paperback.

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The Vain Series

Author : Deborah Bladon

Genre: Erotic romance, New adult

Rating: 4/5

Oh boy, am I happy I discovered this author! I had never heard of her until about a month ago. Since then, I’ve read 3 of her series.

Vain centers around two characters, Noah Foster and Alexa Jackson. Noah is a famous photographer. He is sex personified, gifted and very intense. Although at one time he was the town’s most eligible bachelor and playboy, he has now become a recluse and considers himself ugly and deformed due to an unfortunate accident which has left him bearing both an emotional and physical scar, which serves as a constant reminder of not only his accident, but the life he once lived as well. Noah is a broken man whose life is changed for the better once Alexa literally stumbles upon him.

Alexa is Noah’s complete opposite. She doesn’tΒ  take life too seriously and not only sees the bright side of things, but also manages not to even notice what others consider to be a big deal, i.e. Noah’s scar. She is loving, forgiving, generous, and understanding.

When these two people meet under the strangest and funniest of circumstances, sparks fly and a connection is formed…

I truly enjoyed this series. This story about two people who had no idea they needed each other until they met touched me deeply. Sometimes we walk in this world, not searching, not even realizing we need something or someone. Yet, the universe, at times, aligns things in just the right way so that our paths cross, leading to a connection and perhaps an epic love story. That’s such a corny statement. And this story is by no means corny. The point is the author did an excellent job of taking an erotic story and making it more than just a another story about hot sex (although the sex scenes in this series are HOT). The buildup towards and revelation of secrets was done at an excellent pace, and I didn’t feel as if I was reading just another predictable story. I loved how Alexa never even noticed Noah’s scar until he and/or others mentioned it. I loved how she only saw his beauty and talent.

If I must be honest, this story very much reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, but definitely NOT the kids/Disney version!!!

You can find this series, along with all Deborah Bladon’s series on Kindle in ebook or paperback.

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Tied With Me (With Me In Seattle Series)

Author: Kristen Proby

Genre: New Adult, erotic romance,  contemporary romance

Rating: 3.5/5

Nic owns and runs a successful bakery and is quite content in her life. One night, she accompanies a friend to a BDSM club and meets Matt, a handsome police officer with a penchant for bondage. Although Nic finds Matt attractive and is attracted to him just as much as he is to her, she feels she is too independent and wouldn’t be able to give Matt what he truly craves, a submissive in the bedroom. Matt soon proves her wrong and convinces her to give it a go with him and with the BDSM lifestyle…

When I first purchased this book, I attempted to read it and found that it did not hold my interest. After about 5 chapters, I placed it back on the shelf, promising myself that I would come back to it, which I recently did. While this isn’t what I’d consider a great read or epic romance by any means, the story managed to hold my attention. I wasn’t rushing to get it during lunch breaks or anything, but I wanted to finish it. I am constantly looking for books that leave me yearning for more, happy and excited to start and pissed off when the story ends because I want it to go on forever and ever..This was not one such book, but it was entertaining while it lasted.

The story is not only a romance but also touches on health issues and a helthy lifestyle (Nic is a diabetic who controls her diabetes with diet and exercise rather than going the medicine route and fears she will not be able to bear Matt’s children due to her diabetes). Ironic that Nic owns a bakery and sells and is around sugar all day but can’t eat sugar. Although I get where the author was going with this “message”, reading about Nic’s diabetes sure didn’t manage to hold my interest whatsoever. Some authors manage to weave real life issues with the fantasy of romance. This author, in my opinion, didn’t manage to pull this off successfully.

There were some hot sex scenes, but they seemed a bit repetitive. Instead of impatiently looking forward to the next sex scene, I found myself thinking, “Here we go again”.

Not one of my faves, but I would recommend it as a one-time quickie.

Available on Kindle in ebook or paperback.

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