Grounded (Up In The Air Series)

Author: R.K. Lilley

Genre: New Adult, erotic romance, romantic suspense

Rating: 4.7/5 stars

So…I finally completed R.K. Lilley’s Up In The Air series!* Whew!!! This series blew me away, and put me through some changes! I positively loved it!

First off, I have to say it. The grammatical errors are still present lol
This is obviously just part of what we readers get when reading this series haha. BUT the intense, hot love scenes make up for it all, trust me 😉

As usual, no matter how hard Bianca tries, she. Just. Can’t. Leave. James. Alone! She couldn’t if she tried (and believe me, she has tried)! Long story short, she decides to put away her relationship hang ups and issues and really give it a go with James and agrees to live with him! With an Alpha male like James, you can only imagine where things go from here.

There is romance, mystery, suspense, and even a bit of laughter in this story. Bianca’s life is still in danger, and James is going absolutely mad with wanting to protect her and keep her out of harms way every second of each day.

I don’t want to give too much away, because this is definitely a series you want to read! Suffice it to say, secrets are revealed, people are hurt (emotionally and physically), and ties are severed (and mended). Yet, through it all, love rules! It is an amazing roller coaster of a ride with these two!

I was so saddened to say goodbye to James and Bianca, but the author did a great job wrapping up this perfectly imperfect couple’s story. Do read this series if you haven’t. It’s a good one!

*There is a 4th installment in this series entitled Mr. Beautiful, James’ and Bianca’s story told from James’ POV.

All books in this series are available on Kindle in ebook or paperback form.


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