Never The Face

Author: Aries Sands

Genre: Dark (romance?)

Rating: 1/5*

WARNING:This is not your mother’s version of BDSM!!! And it is not for the faint of heart.

The protagonist is living a boring and disattisfied life, especially in the sex department, when the antagonist enters her adult life (she knows him from her childhood as a family friend). She yearns for something more, something that will set a spark and bring her true desire, excitement, and fulfillment. Just after her thirty-third birthday, she runs into David, an old flame who’s now married. David invites her to dinner. Then he calmly and matrer-of-factly tell her, “I spent the weekend choosing a stick to beat you with.”

The protagonist is shocked by his words, in more ways than one. Thus begins a journey into a dark and twisted world of brutal and violent sumission AND unbelievable ecstasy. Unable to resist the temptation of sexual submission, the protagonist begins to discover the full, destructive power of obsessive love – and gradually spins out of control.

The main character’s name is never mentioned at any time throughout the entire book. This is just one of the subtle ways by which the author stresses the insignificant role she plays in the life of David, the antagonist (there are definitely no heroes or heroines in this story).

I have to say this was one of the most interesting and complex stories I’ve read in a while. The author’s style of writing seems quite simple. Yet, the story is anything but. You must read between the lines with this one. You will be waiting for an ending that will never come. I went into this book naively thinking one thing, and instead, what I got was something I still have a difficult time putting into words. Perhaps, those who live this lifestyle, would find this story normal or easily summed up in one or a few words?? However, for me, this story was unable to fit inside any one box. One thing I know for sure, this is not a book I would recommend to anyone and definitely not something I would ever read again.

There is no happy ending in this story. More of a continuing cycle of degradation and abuse, both physical and emotional. *I have given the story 1 star due to the fact that I was actually able to complete the story quite quickly. However, this was much similar to a train wreck; you need to look away, but you just can’t. I kept hoping the author would deliver a better ending than the one received. The ending left me with a horrible feeling inside.

If you’re willing to take a walk on the dark, degrading, and dangerous side, you can find Never The Face on Amazon, available in hardback.

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