Tied With Me (With Me In Seattle Series)

Author: Kristen Proby

Genre: New Adult, erotic romance,  contemporary romance

Rating: 3.5/5

Nic owns and runs a successful bakery and is quite content in her life. One night, she accompanies a friend to a BDSM club and meets Matt, a handsome police officer with a penchant for bondage. Although Nic finds Matt attractive and is attracted to him just as much as he is to her, she feels she is too independent and wouldn’t be able to give Matt what he truly craves, a submissive in the bedroom. Matt soon proves her wrong and convinces her to give it a go with him and with the BDSM lifestyle…

When I first purchased this book, I attempted to read it and found that it did not hold my interest. After about 5 chapters, I placed it back on the shelf, promising myself that I would come back to it, which I recently did. While this isn’t what I’d consider a great read or epic romance by any means, the story managed to hold my attention. I wasn’t rushing to get it during lunch breaks or anything, but I wanted to finish it. I am constantly looking for books that leave me yearning for more, happy and excited to start and pissed off when the story ends because I want it to go on forever and ever..This was not one such book, but it was entertaining while it lasted.

The story is not only a romance but also touches on health issues and a helthy lifestyle (Nic is a diabetic who controls her diabetes with diet and exercise rather than going the medicine route and fears she will not be able to bear Matt’s children due to her diabetes). Ironic that Nic owns a bakery and sells and is around sugar all day but can’t eat sugar. Although I get where the author was going with this “message”, reading about Nic’s diabetes sure didnโ€™t manage to hold my interest whatsoever. Some authors manage to weave real life issues with the fantasy of romance. This author, in my opinion, didn’t manage to pull this off successfully.

There were some hot sex scenes, but they seemed a bit repetitive. Instead of impatiently looking forward to the next sex scene, I found myself thinking, “Here we go again”.

Not one of my faves, but I would recommend it as a one-time quickie.

Available on Kindle in ebook or paperback.

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