The Exposed Saga 

Author : Deborah Bladon

Genre: Erotic romance, New adult

Rating: 4/5

In the Exposed series, we are introduced to  Sadie Lockwood and Hunter Reynolds. Sadie has been given a second chance at life and takes her life very seriously and feels it is a true gift, not to be wasted. She feels a need to honor the life of the person who gave her a second chance at life. Therefore, she has her life all planned out, and there is no room for straying off course.

Along comes Hunter Reynolds. He is exactly what Sadie wants yet feels she needs to avoid. He is bold, charasmatic, intense, and dominant. Although Sadie is strongly attracted to Hunter, she is determined to avoid his advances but soon finds herself persuaded otherwise. She has no idea what she is getting into when she gives in to Hunter. Once he has one taste of her and claims her as his own, there is no way he will ever let her go.

But there are secrets. Big secrets, both Sadie and Hunter are hiding. Will their love survive once all secrets are exposed?

This story is addicting! I was literally rushing to my car during my lunch breaks to read as many chapters as I could in 45 minutes. The chemistry between the two main characters, as well as the big secret Hunter was hiding regarding his true identity, was so believable and well drawn out. And of course, the sex scenes were great! A bit repetitive at times, but HOT nonetheless!

The writer paces the story just right, and holds the reader’s attention throughout each part of the story. There were a few slow parts, but they were not too boring in any way. There was actually one problem I encountered with the writing, Hunter’s secret involving his “son’s ” biological father was not, in my opinion, worth hiding so desperately. It simply wasn’t that big of a deal. Other than that, however, the story flowed well and delivered in the end.

After having read 3 series by Bladon, I see a definite running theme in all of her stories. 1. Each story starts out with both main characters meeting as strangers and engaging, or attempting to engage, in hot, steamy sex right away 2. The characters immediately fall in love 3. Each character is hiding something (the male lead is usually hiding a bigger secret than the female), which usually involves having known/known of the female character prior to actually “meeting” her 5. The female discovers this “huge” secret and struggles with whether, or not, she should forgive him and does actually end up forgiving all. So far, each of the 3 series I’ve read has read in this order, just with different characters. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, as I am now reading the fourth series, the Pulse series, I see that it is starting off in the same manner. Although each story follows the same formula and I know what to look for before it happens, each series has a different set of problems and secrets. So, I still find myself looking forward to reading each story and discovering those new secrets!

This is definitely a series worth reading and can be found on Kindle and Nook in ebook or paperback.

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