The Obsessed Series

Author : Deborah Bladon

Genre: Erotic romance, New adult

Rating: 4.5/5

Ivy Marlowe is Ms. Independent. She has what she considers to be a great fiancé.  She owns her own jewelry business. She seems to have it all. Until she discovers her fiancé has committed the ultimate betrayal. With several different women. Now, all she is left with are a broken engagennt, a flailing business, and a feeling of utter  betrayal. One night she attends a fancy art show and is approached by a tall, handsome stranger naned Jax Walker. Altgough their exchange is a brief one, neither can deny their mutual attraction for each other.

Jax is rich, powerful, outspoken, and good looking to boot! Upom seeing Ivy for the first time, he is nstantly smitten with her and has to have her. Although Ivy and Jax begin a heated affair, Ivy soon realizes that Jax is full of secrets. What she thought was fate throwing them together was nothing more than a fantasy. In falling for Jax, Ivy realizes how badly she wants him to be the man of her dreams. She wants desoerately to be done with the secrets, betrayals and lies she experienced in her previous relationship, but soon realizes Jax is hiding something. Something huge.

This was a GREAT read!!! I simply could not put this series down. And I didn’t want to! The chemistry between the two main characters was REAL. The story and experiences were REAL. There were no slow spots for me in this one. There were sooo many secrets that my head was spinning! Each character in this story was hiding something, and not something little. Something big!

This story flowed beautifully. Everything connected perfectly to create a beautiful love story. Although the author uses her usual formula (strangers meet and instantly fall in love, male character is hiding a huge secret, woman eventually forgives man), the actual story was so different, fresh and new. I truly related to Ivy’s character and experiences. I could see myself in her sutuation. She had gone through so much and unintentionally stumbled upon someone she felt could be her dream man, only to discover that like her ex fiancé,  he too was secretive and made her feel manipulated and bettayed.

Of course, love always wins…

This series is a must-read! It can be found on Kindle and Nook in ebook or paperback.

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