The Vain Series

Author : Deborah Bladon

Genre: Erotic romance, New adult

Rating: 4/5

Oh boy, am I happy I discovered this author! I had never heard of her until about a month ago. Since then, I’ve read 3 of her series.

Vain centers around two characters, Noah Foster and Alexa Jackson. Noah is a famous photographer. He is sex personified, gifted and very intense. Although at one time he was the town’s most eligible bachelor and playboy, he has now become a recluse and considers himself ugly and deformed due to an unfortunate accident which has left him bearing both an emotional and physical scar, which serves as a constant reminder of not only his accident, but the life he once lived as well. Noah is a broken man whose life is changed for the better once Alexa literally stumbles upon him.

Alexa is Noah’s complete opposite. She doesn’t  take life too seriously and not only sees the bright side of things, but also manages not to even notice what others consider to be a big deal, i.e. Noah’s scar. She is loving, forgiving, generous, and understanding.

When these two people meet under the strangest and funniest of circumstances, sparks fly and a connection is formed…

I truly enjoyed this series. This story about two people who had no idea they needed each other until they met touched me deeply. Sometimes we walk in this world, not searching, not even realizing we need something or someone. Yet, the universe, at times, aligns things in just the right way so that our paths cross, leading to a connection and perhaps an epic love story. That’s such a corny statement. And this story is by no means corny. The point is the author did an excellent job of taking an erotic story and making it more than just a another story about hot sex (although the sex scenes in this series are HOT). The buildup towards and revelation of secrets was done at an excellent pace, and I didn’t feel as if I was reading just another predictable story. I loved how Alexa never even noticed Noah’s scar until he and/or others mentioned it. I loved how she only saw his beauty and talent.

If I must be honest, this story very much reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, but definitely NOT the kids/Disney version!!!

You can find this series, along with all Deborah Bladon’s series on Kindle in ebook or paperback.

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