Everything I Left Unsaid 

Author: M. O’Keefe

Genre: New Adult

Rating: 4.8/5

I found this book during one of my weekly visits to a local used book store. After reading the back cover, I honestly had no idea what to expect. So glad I picked this up!! Didn’t take me long to realize I had stumbled upon a good book! I didn’t have a blog when I read this last year, but this is definitely one I want everyone to know about, so I simply had to post a review. Better late than never.

Annie is a woman on the run. And not looking back. With only the small amount of money she stole when she hit the road, she settles down in the only place she can afford, a broken down trailer park on the edge of nowhere. Despite wanting to lay low and stay to herself, she soon makes unlikely connections with a few of the tenants. Like her, they also have something to hide. Although these are people she sees daily, her deepest connection is formed with a stranger she has never met.

The day Annie moves into her trailer, she is interrupted by the ringing of a cellphone lost between the cushions of a beaten up couch. She ignores it the first time, but cautiously answers the second time it rings when she sees the name ‘Dylan’ on the screen. Thus begins an intense relationship neither she nor Dylan saw coming.

Dylan refuses to meet Annie and only wants to communicate via calls and texts. Annie doesn’t understand why he is so reticent to meet after all their long talks and eventual hot, steamy phone sex sessions, but she gradually comes to the conclusion that Dylan must be hiding something big!

This book was great! You know you’re reading a great story when the couple doesn’t even meet OR have sex until near the end of the book, and it doesn’t bother you in the least, because the author has done such a terrific job in leading up to that moment (and believe me, the sex scene is worth the wait, and they only get better from there. HOT HOT HOT)! The story is pretty much in the vein of Beauty and the Beast (Dylan actually lives in a huge mansion at the top of a high mountain which overlooks the town). But I must say this story is so much more than that! This is a beautifully written story of two broken people, each hiding from something, yet unknowingly searching for something. This is a story about the walls we build in an effort to protect ourselves and how our lives can change for the better if we would only drop the walls and let love in.

This is a must read! And just a warning, this story ends on a HUGE cliffhanger. So, you definitely want to have the sequel (The Truth About Him) nearby.

Both books can be found on all platforms in ebook or paperback.

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