Remembering Everly (The Lost & Found Series)

Author : J.L. Berg

Genre: New adult, contemporary romance

Rating: 3/5

This book picks up where the last one left off. Everly has gone back to Ryan (who has literally been expecting and waiting for her to return any day), and their engagement is back on, AND the wedding date is fast approaching (despite both of them realizing they just don’t have that spark in their relationship).

August has regained his memory and remembers everything! He now understands why Everly wants to move on with her life and forget all about him. He is determined to allow her to do just that, but just can’t let the love of his life go.

The past comes hurling at both August and Everly and re-opens old wounds that run deep. Despite this, August knows he and Everly should be together and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her back.

The first book in this duet was a really good read! This second installment, however, was not as good. I found myself having a difficult time getting through it, and even read a few other books while reading this one. There was quite a bit of repetition, and Everly and Ryan’s relationship and wedding planning was a bit boring to read. It also got a bit old reading how un-right they were for each other yet remained determined to stay together and get married.

Even though August claimed to love Everly so much, it seemed as if she was actually the one running to him, looking for excuses to call or drop by. Of course, I understand that he was trying to set her free and she was just so in love with him, but it still got old reading the back and forth between her and Ryan and August. This book just wasn’t my cup of tea. I read it because I wanted to see how the story of Everly and August would end, but this is one I could have done without. It’s a shame, because the first book was so good.

If you’re interested in reading August and Everly’s story, it can be found on all platforms in ebook or paperback.

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